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LAN/Datacom Tools and accessories

Buyheatshrink.com presents its’ customers with all of the necessary accessories and tools needed to make the most use out of Category 5e and Category 6 cables. Whether you are looking for a specific accessory or you are starting from scratch, Buyheatshrink.com has what you need. Some of the tools we offer are stripper tools and crimper tools. Stripper tools can be used to strip the electrical insulation from wires, gaining access to the wires underneath. Crimper tools are used to attach connectors onto wires, making these tools essential in the process of making a functional cable. Both are useful tools when it comes to adding connectors onto cables. Some other accessories that could be of great use are connectors and jacks. Connectors are attached to the end of the cables, and are placed into the jacks making an electrical connection together. Connectors come in a variety of ways. Some connectors are made for Category 5e cable, some for both Category 5e and 6, and some are specially made for round cables or flat cables. Jacks are also made for different types of cables, either Category 5e or Category 6. To complete the installation of connectors and jacks, a device called a punchdown tool is used to properly install wires into a jack. When cables are properly stripped and jack and connectors are installed, be certain there are no shorts or breaks in the wiring by using a continuity tester. If you are customer new to network installation, take a look at our termination kit. Inside this kit, you will find all of the tools and accessories needed for a project in one place, including connectors, jacks, stripper and crimper tools, plus much more! No matter the type of project you are working towards, Buyheatshrink.com has all of the tools and accessories you need.

Pricing for Category 5 and Category 6 Installation Tools


Part Number


RJ45 Category 5e connectors (50µ gold plating, solid conductors, flat cable)
$8.50 per bag (50)
RJ45 Category 5e connectors (50µ gold plating, solid conductors, round cable)
$10 per bag (50)
RJ45 Category 6 and 5e connectors (for stranded Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables, with inserter for easy installation)
$28 per bag (100)

Blue, White

Category 5E
Category 6

Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Red, White, Yellow, Ivory

Category 5E

Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Red, White, Yellow, Ivory

Category 6

Cat 5 tester 8LED with Remote
Cat 5 Termination Kit 500-021