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Heat Guns, mini heat gun, Hot Knives and Butane Soldering Irons

Our most Popular heat gun

The VT-1100 heat gun is a long lasting, durable economy heat gun suitable for use with heat shrink tubing, paint and varnish removal, melting of adhesives, loosening of rusted bolts, fittings and nuts.

It is UL and CSA approved, and has a wide temperature range from 250 to 1100°F, controlled by the dial on the back of the unit. The two air speeds make it even more versatile

The handle comes with a hanging ring, which also functions to point the unit upright for easy shrinking of heat shrink tubing. Powered using standard 120VAC electrical outlets, unit consumes 1200 Watts (less than a hair dryer).

Please note: Color subject to change without notice

Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

VT-1100 Heat Gun $35

Heavy Duty Carrying case with 3 attachments (5/8” concentrator, 3/8” concentrator & shrink tube reflector) $24

Note - Heat gun and Carrying case sold separately

Our Mini Electric Heat Gun is capable of temperatures up to 500F, with overheat protection, and consumes 350 Watts of power. It's perfect for the budget conscious hobbiest who needs an inexpensive heat gun that will last through light to medium duty projects

mini electric heat gun



Announcing the new Blazer Chief II, combining both a torch and cigar cutter together in one stylish chrome bodied case. This beautiful lighter features an automatic flip top and a detachable Stainless Steel cutter that effortlessly locks right back into place, making this lighter an essential tool for every cigar enthusiast. The convenience of combining two tools in one will eliminate the need to carry both a lighter and a cigar cutter with you.

This multifunctional tool comes in 4 enticing finishes; Misty Black, Misty Blue, Solid Chrome and Solid Black. Your new Chief II will be packaged in a sleek black case designed for gift giving.

Blazer Chief II

The New Blazer Optimus Cigar Lighter – Combining Innovation and Style all in one torch

This wind resistant cigar torch also features a steel cigar cutter that magnetically locks right onto the body of the lighter after every use. Just push down on the top cover with your thumb and the lighter opens and lights all in one step. Release your thumb, and the flame goes out and the cover closes automatically.

The Optimus is available in 3 finishes: Gun metal, Silver and Black.

Blazer Optimus cigar lighter

EVO – An Evolution in Design

The EVO is one of a kind dual flame cigar lighter with a built in cigar punch (the bottom flips open, exposing the punch and allows for easy finger turning of the flame height). A rugged and durable design makes this a perfect gift, and a must have for any cigar lover.

It is available with your choice of rubber grip in blue and black or a lustrous silver finish. Your EVO will be packaged in a smooth black case with cushioned inner lining for an instant gift giving.

Blazer Evo cigar lighter
The Iroda Turbo-Lite MJ 280 is a small, hand held butane torch that is great for camping, household repairs, odd jobs, and heat shrink tubing. You can even shrink PTFE shrink tubing with it!

Cigar Lighter, Mini butane torch



The Micro-Therm MJ-600 is a great inexpensive pocket sized cordless butane heat source. It functions as a great alternative to electric heat guns. It is ideal for hobbies, automotive, household, and heat shrink tubing projects. Comes standard with a refillable butane housing, a waterproof piezo electronic ignition, safety lock trigger, and a reflector shield for use with heat shrink. Reaches temperatures of up to 1200°F. Each fill will run for approximately 20 minutes; however it is not recommend to run the MJ-600 for more than 5 minutes continuously.

Heat Shrink Sleeve

The Blazer Products Hot Shot MT-3000 is an extremely versatile micro torch, featuring a 2500°F wind resistant blue flame, push button piezo electric ignition, and a simple dial at the top for easy flame adjustment, and precise flame control. Flat bottom and lock switch allow for table top hands free use. Burn time approx 35 minutes, with an adjustable flame length of 3/4" to 4".

Blazer Hot Shot MT3000



The Ultra-Therm MJ-950 is a hand-held butane operated flameless heat gun that is perfect for general heating and drying applications, activating adhesives and curing agents, bending PVC, removing windshield caulking, and installing all varieties of heat shrinkable tubes (including polyolefin, PVC, dual wall / adhesive lined). Reaches temperatures up to 1400°F. Comes in blister packaging with heat shrink deflector and stand.
Shrink Wrap Heat Guns $65

The Solder Pro 100K is a completely portable multi-function heat tool that can be used as a soldering iron, heat gun, hot knife cutter and blow torch all in one! The soldering iron tip makes this unit comparable to a 100 watt electric soldering iron. The blow torch (use without any tip attachments for temperatures up to 2400°F) is perfect for heavy soldering. With the heat blower or deflector attachments, the unit is ideal for heat shrink tubing. Finally, the hot knife attachment makes this a great way to get a fray resistant braided sleeve.

Shrink Wrap Heat Guns Heat Shrink Sleeve


Our Bench-Mount Hot Knife is a great way to get a true non-fray end on your braided sleeving. Just simply turn it on, and run the sleeve down the blade, and the sleeve is cut very easily. Just make sure you're in a well ventilated area. For a picture of our bench mount hot knife cutter, click here

hot braided sleevin cutter

Replacement Blade - $17.50


The Iroda Thermoglue TG-600 Glue Gun with push button ignition is ready for use in under 3 minutes! Powered by LEC Techology (removable butane chamber), ignition is easy and it can be stored safely without risk of accidental activation. Push button piezo electric ignition switch. Uses standard 1/2" glue stick and works for 100 hours continously on one charge. Package comes with gun, two LEC fuel chambers and 3 glue sticks



Hot Melt Glue Gun



16000mAh Waterproof Solar Charger

Perfect for on the go, our 16000 mAh charger can charge two phones/devices at once. Just charge it in an normal 110V outlet before you go and leave exposed to sunlight and it stays charged while re-powering your device. Also includes bright LED flashlight, micro USB cable and carabiner.


Built-in 16000mAh lithium polymer battery
waterproof, dustproof, strong shockproof with drop, perfect choice for out-door activities
Compatible with all mobile phones (Iphone, Samsung, Blackberry,HTC,LG...), all kinds of small digital devices(PSP, Mp3, Mp4,Camera, Toy,bluetooth earphone
LED Torch Function for Emergency/Darkness
Eco-Friendly, Fashion Style
Environmentally silica gel and ABS + PC materials and rubber paint surface process
Compact, Portable and Stylish Design

Battery Capacity: 16000mAh Li-polymer battery
Solar panel: 5V, 1.7w
Input: micro DC 5V/ 1A
Output: USB DC 5V 1A /5V 2.1A
Product size: 167* 89*18mm
Operation Temperature: 0-45 degree
Compatible: for iPhone, iPad, Android phone, GPS device, camera (most devices that use a USB cable to charge).

charge your iphone with solar powerpower charger for cell phones

Solar powered cell phone charger

Using Instructions:
Charging the solar charger via the solar panel:

1. First please place the solar charger under sunlight, the green LED indicator shines strongly or weakly depending on how efficiently the solar charger is being charged

2. When the solar charger is fully charged the LED indicator goes off.

Charging the solar charger from an external power source:

1. Connect the solar charger’s built-in USB cable to a computer mains USB charger or 12V car USB charger

2. The blue LED indicator comes on to indicate that the solar charger is being charged

3. When the solar charger is fully charged the LED indicator goes off

4. An external power source takes 5-7 hours to fully charge the solar charger


The solar charger will automatically shut off in order to protect its battery from deep discharging. It needs 3 minutes before recharging for your device.

Package Included:
1 x Solar Charger Bank
1 x Free carabiner
1 x Micro USB charging cable


Heavy Duty Industrial Heat Guns

Eddy Mark 4 industrial heat gun

The Eddy Mark IV heat gun is an ultra high temperature commercial grade heat gun similar to those seen around plants and shops throughout the world. The guns weigh less than 3 pounds, and have a comfort grip handle, saftey stand and trigger guard made from GE Lexan polycarbonate plastic. Lexan is world-renowned for its exceptional impact strength (resistant to rough handling and dropping), self-extinguishing flammability performance and superior electrical insulation properties.

All guns are UL approved with replaceable brushes and a quick change heating element making the guns easy to service for a very long life.


  • Break Resistant Mica Element (115V models only)
  • Available with wide variety of temperature options
  • Toggle switch for hot, cold or off setting
  • Air volume of 27 CFM (cu.ft/min) at 3300 FPM (feet/min) velocity
  • 6 foot 3 wire grounding strain relief cord with neoprene jacketing and molded plug
  • Includes Circular safety stand and a 1 year warranty
  • 115V and 230V options.

Download Schematic (.pdf)

Heat Guns, Torches, Soldering Irons