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Power & Data Distribution

Bringing power and network connectivity to your work area is an essential part of functioning in today’s world of technology. Desk outlets are devices that make connections like USB, power, and Ethernet safer and easier to access. Desk outlets help keep cables off the floors where they can not only be an eyesore but also can become a safety hazard as well.

There are several different types of desk outlets available. Some are removable and some can be permanently drilled into the desk. Some are retractable, others have flip over covers, and still others mount on the underside of the desk.

Under Desk Outlets - Mount to underside of a desk or table in either a fixed location, or a slide-out drawer

In Desk Outlets - Mount to the tabletop or Desk through a hole in top

Under Desk Outlets

The Assemble Reveal by Byrne Electrical

Fully concealed under your desk. Slide forward on track with one touch operation when needed. Variety of options with 1-4 electrical outlets and/or data/network connectivity. Priced as low as $136.95. More Information

The Edge Under Table Interconnect by Altinex

Low Profile design can be easily mounted to the underside of a desk or table. Fully customizable with 2-4 electrical outlets and variety of A/V and network cables/jacks. More Information