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Altinex Under Table Interconnect

Cable Ties 18 pound


The Edge Under Table Interconnect by Altinex offers a variety of ways to route all your AV, IT and power connection needs in a cost-effective way. It can be easily mounted under a desk or podium and even on the side leg of a desk with only 4 screws. There are 4 different models available which features network, stereo audio, computer video, and on some models regular computer ports for your home electronics. Each model comes with a single 10ft power cord that powers the two built in receptacles (there are 4 receptacles on model 312) for your convenience and reduces the number of cables that are used around the workstation.

The Edge is a low profile design built for space efficiency. With The Edge Under Table Interconnect you can easily plug in all types of electronics without the difficulty of finding each respective port. Now your projectors, microphones, computers and telephones can easily be neatly plugged into one central location in an organized fashion that can be hidden and out of the way.


Ordering Information

Note: These units are made to order and ship in 1-2 weeks. No returns accepted unless defective

AC 600W Max. 10 foot cord included with all models

Outlet configuration * Front Width

Side Width


2-VGA, 2-Audio, 4-Net, 2-Pwr 10.4" 3.10"
4-Net, 2-Pwr 7.54" 3.10"
4-Net, 4-Pwr 10.4" 3.10"
2-VGA, 2-DVI, 2-Audio, 4-Net, 2-Pwr 11.6" 3.10"

*Outlet Description

VGA: 15 Pin HD Female

Pwr: Nema Power outlet

Net: Cat-6 (RJ45) Female

DVI: 24 Pin DVI Female

Audio: 3.5mm Stereo Female