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Heavy Duty PET Braided Sleeving

What is Heavy Duty PET braided sleeving?

Heavy wall braided sleeving is made form the same raw material stock (Polyethylene Terephthalate a.k.s PET) as our general purpose PET braid. The only difference is that the individual filaments that make up the braid are 50% thicker than those used in the standard PET braid. This added thickness provides more abrasion resistance and longer product life. PET HD performs in a similar fashion as regular PET braided sleeving. It is expandable up to 3 times its resting diameter and cuts easily with scissors, however there will be fraying at the ends when cut with scissors.

Our Heavy Wall sleeving is especially susceptible to fraying because of the larger filaments and looser braid construction.

heavy duty pet expando sleeving

We offer two simple solutions to this problem:

1) Cover the ends with heat shrink tubing (our 3:1 dual wall is a great solution since it's sold in 4 foot pieces instead of spools, so you can buy small quantities).

2) Purchase a hot knife from us for $99. A hot knife is a great way to get a clen end on your braided sleeving. Just simply turn it on, and run the sleeve down the blade, and the sleeve is cut very easily, leaving a clean end on your braided sleeving.. Just make sure to be in a ventilated area. For a picture of our bench mount hot knife cutter, click here

Look at the pictures below. A 1/2" sleeve on the left was given a clean cut with scissors prior to being put on a 3/4" marker. There is definitely fray at the ends of the braided sleeving. This can easily be covered with heat shrink tubing to give a professional looking end. The braided sleeve on the right was cut with a hot knife. This end would be fine without any heat shrink tubing. You may want to put a cable tie on the end to stop the sleeve from slipping.

Features of Heavy Wall PET Braided Sleeving:

  • Excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
  • 50% Heavier filaments than standard PET braid
  • High quality alternative to Bentley Harris Expando PTHD®, Techflex Flexo Heavy Wall® sleeving
  • Continuous use temperature of -70C to 125C (-103F to 257F)
  • Melt temperature of 230C (446F)
  • Expands up to three times its resting diameter
  • Halogen Free, ROHS compliant
  • Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents
  • Braided from 15 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns for superior abrasion resistance


PPricing for Heavy Duty PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

Available in Black and Clear. 3-4 week lead time

For BULK PRICING or custom cut lengths, please contact us

Nominal Size
Expansion min
Expansion Max
1 3/8"
1 1/2
2 1/2"
1 1/4"
2 3/4"
2 1/2"
4 1/2"
Bench Mount Hot Knife Cutter