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Eclipse Tools Category 5E continuity Tester (400-026)

  • LAN Data Installers kit contains all the tools you need for Data and Voice installations
  • a Must Have for cable installations!
  • Contains the following items
    • Modular Plug (Ratcheted) Crimping Tool
    • Punch-down impact tool with 66 and 110 blades
    • LAN Cable Tester with remote identifies troubled wires
    • UTP stripper
    • Assorted Modular Plugs and boots

This Category 5 termination kit is a must have for cable installation! This kit is also known as a LAN Data Installers Kit, which contains all of the necessary tools you will need for data and voice installations. Included is a variety of tools such as a mutli network cable tester which automatically tests cables for shorts, open connections, crossed wire pairs and continuity. The punch down tool included in the kit comes with a 110 and 66 blade. It can be used to install Ethernet cables into jacks. The kit also includes a modular crimping tool, which is used to cut, strip and crimp cables. The included UTP/STP cable stripper is specially designed to strip cables without breaking any wires. This Category 5 termination kit also comes with a bag of 50 4 position 4 contact (4P4C) flat stranded and a bag of 25 8 position 8 contact (8P8C) round stranded, as well as 20 RJ45 protections caps. This kit includes all of the necessary tools and accessories needed to successfully complete a data and voice installation. All of the tools and accessories in this kit come in a zipped carrying bag, which will keep the tools and connectors, organized and completely protected.

Part Number
Cat 5 Termination Kit 500-021