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Eclipse Tools Universal Stripper Tool (902-229)

  • Great tool for easy stripping of Category 5e round cable without cutting individual pairs.
  • Works on shielded twisted pair (STP) and un-shielded twisted pair (UTP) cables
  • for stripping of RG-6, RG-7, RG-11, RG-59
  • for stripping of flat telephone cables
  • separate blade for cutting of cables

The universal wire stripper is a multifunctional tool that is used to strip the electrical insulation from electrical wires. This particular wire stripper can strip away UTP and STP wires as well as round and flat telephone wires (RG-6, RG-7, RG-11, RG-59). Wire strippers can be described as a pair of opposing blade, similar to scissors or wire cutters. What stops the stripper from cutting the wire is a special center notch. To use this simple wire stripper, just rotate it around the insulated wire with added pressure. This applied pressure and rotating movement should easily strip the insulation with no harm to the wiring. The reason the insulation pulls off very easily is due to the fact that it is not bonded to the wire. You can find this particular universal wire cutter used by varieties of professionals, but it is easy enough for the average person to function as well.

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