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Eclipse Tools 50 µm Category 5e and Category 6 Connectors for Stranded Cable (CAT6-100)

  • 50 µm gold plated
  • For use on stranded cable (for solid Category 5E cable, click here)
  • use on stranded conductors, round cable

These connectors can be used for both Category 5 and Category 6 stranded RJ45 cables. These connectors come with insertion guide for easy use, which will help keep the wires in place while assembling the connector. These premium RJ45 connectors are manufactured with 50 micrometer gold contacts to assure error free signal transfers between networks. Take note that these connectors are for use on stranded cable only, and not solid category 5e cable. Stranded cable is different from solid cable, the biggest difference being stranded cable is composed of a bundle of wires while solid cable is composed of a single strand of metal wire. Stranded wire makes for a larger conductor and is usually more flexible. These Cat5 and Cat6 connectors are made compatible with round cable and use of stranded conductors only. The customer will receive 100 connectors per order, which can be used on a variety of projects. Since these connectors can be used on Cat5 and Cat6 cables, you do not have to worry about the connector being compatible with one wire or another. In order to successfully install the connectors properly, other tools such as a universal stripper and crimper are necessary.

Part Number
RJ45 Category 6 and 5e connectors (for stranded Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables, with inserter for easy installation)
$28 per bag (100)