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Eclipse Tools 50 µm Category 5e Connectors for Round Cable (702-022)

  • 50 µm gold plated
  • For use on Round Cable (for flat cable, click here)
  • use on solid conductors

These modular plugs are a cost-effective choice for the installation of custom length Cat5e cables, and can be used when installing a wired Internet connection in your home or office environment. These connectors are a great investment when assembling your own Ethernet wiring. These top line, round modular plugs are 50 µm gold plated, which helps assure error free signals between the networks you plan on connecting. These connectors are to be used on solid conductors only. The RJ45 modular connectors are made to run on standard Category 5 or Category 5e cables, and must be paired with the Category 5e jacks in order to make a successful electrical connection. Connectors must be crimped onto the wire in order for the wire to work properly. It is important to note the type of cable you plan on working with, whether it is round or flat. These Cat5e connectors are reliable, easy to use and effective. These modular connectors are the perfect solution to customize the lengths of network cables that you desire for your project.

Part Number
RJ45 Category 5e connectors (50µ gold plating, solid conductors, round cable)
$10 per bag (50)