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Eclipse Tools 50 µm Category 5e Connectors for Flat Cable (702-021)

  • 50 µm gold plated
  • For use on Flat Cable (for round cable click here)
  • use on solid conductors

These category 5 connectors are paired with standard Cat5e Ethernet cables, and play an important role when putting together a wired Internet connection. When installed properly, these flat modular connectors are placed on both ends of any length of Cat5e Ethernet wire to help bring network connections or telephone connections to your home or office - an absolutely necessity to complete networks connections. These premium RJ45 connectors are manufactured with 50 micrometer gold contacts to assure error free signal transfers between networks. These connectors are to be used on solid conductors as well. These particular connectors are for use of flat cables only, which means they are not compatible with round cables. Don’t forget to finish your job by crimping your connector onto the wire! Category 5 connectors can also be referred to as 8P8C modular connectors, meaning “8 position 8 contact.” Each connector comes equipped with the eight standard, equally spaced conducting channels. All 8P8C connectors must be paired with modular jacks in order to create the desired electrical connection.

Part Number
RJ45 Category 5e connectors (50µ gold plating, solid conductors, flat cable)
Shrink Tubing
$8.50 per bag (50)