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Eclipse Tools Punchdown Tools (700-007, 700-010, 700-011, 700-012)

  • Made from high-impact ABS plastic
  • High and Low impact settings
  • Spare blade storage right in handle!
  • Blades and handle are interchangeable with Fluke Instrumets 814 and Harris Dracon tools

This punchdown tool is small, handheld tool used to install twisted Ethernet cables into an Ethernet jack. This particular punchdown tool is made from high impact ABS plastic, and is built with spare blade storage in the handle for your convenience. This tool comes equipped with both high and low impact settings, allowing options for both high duty use and low duty use. The blades and handle in this specific model are interchangeable with other Harris Dracon and Fluke 814 instruments. This tool is needed to insert wires into punch down Keystone style jacks, and finish the job so the jacks can be utilized. To use a punchdown tool, first preposition the wiring to the appropriate slots. Once the wires are placed where they belong, the punchdown toll is pressed onto of the wire. With the appropriate amount of pressure, the internal spring is triggered and the blade pushes the wire into its spot and securing it for further use. Buyheatshrink.com offers this punchdown tool in a variety of ways to help accommodate each customer’s specific needs. Customers can purchase the tool with no blades, tool with 110 blade, tool with 66 blade or tool with both the 110 and 66 blades.

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