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2:1 UV Reactive Heat Shrinkable Tubing

2 to 1 Standard Wall PVC Heat Shrink Tubing

PVC heat shrink tubing is very similar to Polyolefin shrink tubing in several ways - PVC and Polyolefin can both be applied and shrunk in various conventional ways such that with a little training, just about anyone can use them. Shrink temperatures are low enough that no special equipment other than a basic heat gun, or flameless torch can be used. Both materials are highly resistant to common automotive, marine and aerospace fuels, as well as many household, and electrician/installers' cleaning fluids. Like polyolefin, PVC heat shrink tubing is suitable for low to medium voltage applications.

The major differences are in the areas of weatherability, toughness and appearance. Unlike polyolefin, any color PVC heat shrink can be used outdoors with little to no UV degradation seen over long periods of time. In the case of polyolefin heat shrink, it is highly recommended that only black be used outdoors. PVC has a much glossier appearance, and is also tougher, stiffer and much more scratch resistant than polyolefin. Run your fingernail across both - you'll see.

The final differences are: PVC has a lower shrink (and use) temperature than standard polyolefin heat shrink, and Lastly - PVC clear shrink tubing is water clear. Although polyolefin clear is see-through and you can read a label through it, PVC heat shrink is crystal clear.


  • 2:1 Shrink Ratio (shrinks to ½ its original diameter)
  • Meets requirements of SAE AMS-DTL-23053/2 (formerly MIL-I-23053/2, MIL-DTL-23053/2), Class 1, 2 (Clear)
  • UL 224 VW-1 and CSA OFT recognized
  • Maximum Continuous use temperature 105°C
  • 6 standard colors: Black, Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Clear
  • Shrink Temperature of 100°C and operating temperature of -55°C to + 105°C
  • Crosses to : Sumitomo V, Insultab HS-105, Grayline HS105, Alpha FIT-105, 3M FP301 heat shrink, Canusa CVN-105
  • Typical applications include: Insulation, Wire Identification, Wire Bundling, Mechanical Protection, Color Coding, Lightweight Harnessing, Physical/Electrical Protection of Components, Strain Relief, and Solder Insulation.

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Colors: Neon Green, Neon Pink , Glow in the Dark White. Check Drop down menu for each size to see current stock.

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Please allow 5-7 business days for us to ship this **Special Summer Note - due to the hot weather in summer, most of our stock is kept in cold storage at the factory. Also, we do not accept returns on PVC Heat Shrink Tubing for any reason except if we make a mistake**

Of course, we do have Black, Clear and other colors available at our main PVC heat shrink page


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Note: Tubing is always referred to by Nominal ID, not flat width. Flat widths are approximate, and are provided for reference purposes only.

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