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Butt Splices - Heat Shrinkable Tubing

The heat shrink butt splice is an irradiated thermally stabilized heat shrinkable dual wall sleeving composed of an outer tube coated on the inner surface with a meltable polyamide adhesive.

Simply put: it's a piece of dual wall heat shrink with a crimp splice inside of it. You crimp the two pieces of wire together, and then heat the splice with a hot air gun so that the outer sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts and flows to give a fully sealed water tight joint.

The butt splice is resistant to water, spray, oil, saltwater and most hazardous chemicals.

Shrink Wrap Heat Gun


Ordering Information

Wire size range (AWG) Current Rating Color Price/pack pcs/pack Ordering
$20 25
# pieces:
$60 200
$400 2000
$25 25
# pieces:
$75 200
$500 2000
$35 25
# pieces :
$100 200
$335 1000


Heat Guns

VT-1100 with 2 Air Speeds, and a temp. control dial for range of 250°F - 1100°F

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Micro Therm MJ-600 - Pocket sized cordless refillable butane heat source. Great alternative to electric heat guns. Reflector shield for use with heat shrink.

Plastic Wire TIE