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Polyolefin Heat Shrink End Caps


Have you ever had an application that required heat shrink tubing, but you can't remove the connector to get the tubing onto the wire? 4:1 heat shrink tubing isn't a high enough shrink ratio for you? Do you need a wrap around or slit heat shrink product? Perhaps Heat Shrink Tape is the best product for you.

Just simply wrap our adhesive lined heat shrinkable tape around your wire, like you would normal electrical tape. Fasten the ends with a cable tie, and shrink using our economical VT-1100 shrink wrap heat gun, cut off the cable ties, and you've got a water-tight seal without hours of labor reattaching your connector!

The ideal heat shrink temperature for our heat shrink tape is around 221°F (105°C).


  • Dual wall (adhesive lined) heat shrinkable tape, with internal wall of hot-melt adhesive provides excellent bonding to plastic and metals.
  • Forms pressure-tight and waterproof seal to communications, power cables and most electrical wires and cables
  • Shrink temperature of 105C
  • Continuous use temperature of up to 105C
  • 20 kV/mm (500 V/mil) minimum electric strength (e.g. 0.031"=31 mil= 15kV)
  • Adhesive lining will prevent moisture penetration, allowing for long term storage of cable

Heat Shrink Tape - Ordering Information

Tape Width
Wall Thickness
Feet per roll
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Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tape
0.8mm (0.031")


For $35 extra you can get our economy model heat gun. It has two air speeds, and a temperature control dial for temperatures ranging from 250° to 1100°F



Operating Temperature Range
-55C to 105C
Shrink Temperature
Tensile Strength
12 Mpa minimum
Ultimate Elongation
350% minimum
Specific Gravity
ISO 1183
1.95 maximum
Dielectric Strength
IEC 243
20KV/mm minimum

Fluid Resistance

Lubricating Oil
Hydraulic Fluid

ISO 1817

no degradation




Heat Guns

VT-1100 with 2 Air Speeds, and a temp. control dial for range of 250°F - 1100°F

Heat Shrink Sleeving



Micro Therm MJ-600 - Pocket sized cordless refillable butane heat source. Great alternative to electric heat guns.

Heat Shrink Tube