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TBC-50 Heat Shrink Tubing Cutter

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Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing Cutter $3495

- The TBC-50 shrink tubing cutter is by far the best value heat shrink cutter we've seen. Capable of cutting various types of heat shrink leaving clean, square edges on a variety of material thicknesses. Will cut at speeds of 1" to 20" per second (1500 feet per hour). With an input space of 1/2" x 4", you can cut a wide range of heat shrink tubing sizes from 3/64" up to and including 2" ID. Adjustable spacers allow for cutting of multiple spools at the same time! Machine comes equipped with polyurethane coated feed wheels (to keep your polyolefin heat shrink tubing from getting marked or scratched), and REQUIRES NO AIR to use. Standard cut accuracy +/- 1 mm. Cuts adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing, basic polyolefin heat shrink, and many other types. Tubing sold separately. Please contact us if the option you want is not shown on the website

Standard Features of the TBC50 Cutting machine::

  • User friendly touch controls with easy to read LCD readout
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Light weight for easy table top use - just 18 LBS.
  • Operates on standard 110V (220 also available) power, without the need for compressed air supply/tanks
  • Push button emergency stop immediately shuts off power. Internal memory saves point of shut-off so you don't lose count.
  • Up to 10 memory locations for saving of your most frequently used cutting set-ups.
  • Adjustable cut length, piece count and cutting speed (cut 100- 4inch pieces per minute)
  • Pause button which allows you resume from the pause point, or start the job over
  • Material dereeler allows for cutting directly from spools, or bypass it to feed 4 foot sticks of adhesive lined heat shrink.
  • Cut material up to 4 inches wide, 1/2" thick, or 1" diameter hollow tubing.
  • Adjustable material guides to avoid material moving, and giving you a straight cut every time
  • Manual feed button allows you to test program before running multiple pieces
  • Manual lever for easy raising of roller for feeding of material
  • Easy to remove clear safety cover for removal of jammed material
  • Easy adjustment of blade height for accomodating thicker materials.
  • Self-contained, adjustable chute for various ways of handling material exit

Power Requirements: 115/230 volts

Cutter Dimensions: 14’’ wide x 11’’ high x 25 ’’ deep

Unit Weight: 18 Lbs.
Warranty: 180 Days Parts, 90 Days Labor.

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