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Eclipse Tools Push/Pull Rod Set (DK-2053A)

  • Made from flexible fiberglass for running in hard to reach areas
  • easily run wires behind walls, up into crawl spaces and underneath floors
  • PVC tube for storage of rods and accessories
  • Set includes 10 pieces plus accessories (Hook, ring and Flexible extender)

This Push/Pull rod set includes 10 fiberglass rods plus a hook, ring and flexible extender that can all be attached to the rods to meet the individual needs of a project. Since the rods are made of flexible fiberglass, they are non-conductive making them safe when you don’t know what types of wires you are working with. These rods can easily run wires from behind walls, up into crawl spaces and underneath floors. Each rod is exactly 4 feet long and 5mm in diameter. Connect as few or as many rods are you need to successfully compete your job. A great investment if looking to accomplish a variety of projects that may call for different lengths and different types of accessories. Flexible enough to go around corners and up and down walls through tiny openings, yet strong enough to withstand almost any job, this push/pull rod set will be used time and time again.

Part Number
fiberglass push/pull rods for running wires in walls and ceilings

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