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Eclipse Tools Fish Tape (902-197)

  • Made from flexible fiberglass for running through pipes with live wires
  • non-conductive fiberglass makes this a must have when you're not sure what else is in the pipe!
  • Durable impact resistant plastic casing with side handle
  • threads through pipe easily and won't snag coming back out
  • Available in 150 foot per reel

This fish tape is made from flexible fiberglass making it useful when working with pipes with live wires. The fiberglass material is non-conductive, making it a must have when you’re not sure what exactly is in the pipes you’re working with. The fiberglass fish tape comes in a durable, impact resistant casing with a side handle used for reeling out and reeling in the tape. The trigger maintains tension on the tape while rewinding, and the handle is very durable withstanding rugged job site conditions. This tool can be easily threaded through piping and won’t snag when reeled back in. Buyheatshrink.com offers this fiberglass fish tape in a 150-foot reel. This product can help thread cables and wires through environments such as drywall, conduit, insulation and more. The fiberglass fish tape pushes in a stiff and straight manner yet is flexible enough to move through 90 degrees turns. This product is another useful tool to use in the installation of telecommunications and data communication cables

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fiberglass fish tape for pulling wires in live areas