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Eclipse Tools Insulated Staple Cable Tacker (CP-391)

  • Made from high-impact ABS plastic, with two color design
  • All in one design for use on both round and flat cables

This insulated staple cable tacker is an all in one cable tacker that can be utilized in tacking flat cable or round cable. Some specific cables this insulated staple cable tacker works especially well with are CAT5/6, coax, romex and silver satin cables.
Made from high impact ABS plastic, not only is this tool durable but it is easy to use as well. Users will find that it is easy to change the staple in the tacker. Simply press downwards on the staple feeder and remove it from its channel, load a strip of staples into the channel and slide the staple feeder back in and push it upwards until you feel it in its locked position. The tacker works with two different sizes of insulated staples. The first type of type of staples (CP-391 -1) work with round cables with a height between 4mm and 6mm and flat wires with a height between 2.5mm and 4.0 mm and a width of below 8.0 mm. The other type of staples that work with this particular tacker are insulated staples (CP-391-2) that accommodate to round cables with a height between 6mm and 8mm and flat wires between a height of 4.5mm and 6.3mm and width below 10.3 mm. Buyheatshrink.com offers both types of staples, each pack containing 200 staples. This insulated staple cable tacker can be used to keep wires and cables in an organized and safe manner. This tool can be used with a variety of projects over the years – a great investment.

Part Number

Insulated Staples for CP-391 Staple Gun (16 Staple X 8W X 4.5mmH) 200 pcs per Pack
$10.25 (200 pcs)
Insulated Staples for CP-391 Staple Gun (16 X 10.3 X 7 mm) 200 pcs per Pack
Cable Staples
$10.75 (200 pcs)