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Datamax I-Class Mark II Heat Shrink Tubing and Label Printer

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Datamax I-Class High Speed Commercial Label and Heat Shrink Printer - The Datamax I-Class Mark II series printers are ideal for large print projects where speed, quality and cutting ability are important. Replacing the old I-Class line with the Mark II series adds extra modern-day functionality, including standard USB port and bi-directional ribbon feed for use with both coated side in and coated side out ribbons. With available print speeds up to 10 in/sec, you can finish a job in minutes! This desktop thermal transfer printer (direct thermal printing also available) that prints on labels and continuous rolls of heat shrink tubing. No cartridges are necessary. Printer comes equipped with all necessary hardware including cutter assembly, parallel cable, and easy to use PC software. Resin ribbons, cables, tubing and labels sold separately. Please contact us if the option you want is not shown on the website

Datamax I-Class

All printers are priced with Thermal transfer option, and the standard duty cutter. Please note: posted pricing is based on manufacturer suggested minimum advertised pricing. While some of those bar code websites may have lower posted prices than us, they do not know how to use these printers for heat shrink labeling. Therefore, we encourage you to call us so we can put together a proper package for you. (Printer can be used with 2:1 or 3:1 heat shrink tubing). Printer can print on up to 3" ID tubing).

Note - for printing on heat shrink tubing (text only), we recommend the I-4212. For printing graphics on heat shrink, we recommend the I-4310.

Seagull Bartender Software options
Ethernet, USB ports and Cables (not included w/ printer)
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Standard Features

  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing of bar codes, text, and graphics on demand and batch printing
  • Thin film print head with SEAQ (Sequential Energy Adjustment for Quality)
  • Datamax Programming Language (DPL)
  • 32bit multitasking 90Mhz Motorola ColdFire® Processor
  • 16MB RAM memory
  • 2MB Flash downloadable program memory (firmware)
  • Serial RS-232 port
  • IEEE 1284 compliant bi-directional parallel port
  • Gap, notch and reflective top of form media sensing
  • 5 button 2 line 20 character back-lit LCD display
  • Configuration settings via front panel menu,
  • No dipswitches.
  • Menus in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Configuration label makes set-up easy to understand
  • Die-cast aluminum frame
  • Simple ribbon and media loading
  • Rotating media hub for 1.5” and 3.0” supply rolls
  • Clear window in media cover -- easy to view supplies.
  • Media tear bar
  • Fan-fold media handling from bottom or rear of printer
  • AGFA font engine with CG Triumvirate™ Scalable font
  • Datamax printer driver for Windows 98 and above desktop operating systems.

Printing Specifications

  • Nominal Print Head Dot Size: .0027” (.07mm) W x .0043” (.11mm) L
  • Print Speeds: programmable from 2” (51mm)/sec through 8” (200mm)/sec in ½” (12mm) increments
  • Print length range: .25” to 99.99” programmable

Media Specifications

  • Maximum print width: 4.16” (105.6mm)
  • Maximum label length: 99.99” (2.54m)
  • Maximum media width (label plus liner): 4.65” (118mm)
  • Media Width Range: 1” (25mm) to 4.65” (118mm)
  • Media Core ID Range: 1.5” (38mm) – 3.0” (76.2mm)
  • Minimum label length:
    - Tear off mode: .25” (6.35mm)
    - Peel mode: 1.00 (25mm)
    - Rewind mode: .25” (6.35mm)
    - Cutter mode: 0.50 (12mm)
  • Media thickness (label & liner): .0025” to .010” (.06mm to .25mm)
  • Maximum full-width media thickness for cutter: .010” (.25mm)
  • Maximum media roll size: 8.0” (203mm)
  • Fan fold media: loads through rear or bottom of printer
  • Gap and notch sensing standards:
    - Gap between labels: 2-4 mm, 3mm standard
    - Sensing notch: .25” (6mm) W x .12” (3mm) L
    - Sensing hole: 0.08” (2.0mm) diameter
    - Black Mark on back of label: minimum length of 2 mm (0.08”) long and 12 mm (0.47”) wide

Ribbon Specifications

  • Ribbon width range: 1” (25m) to 4.5” (114mm)
  • Standard ribbon lengths: 300m (984’), 450m (1476’) and 600m (1969’)
  • Standard ribbon wound coated side in, optional field installable thermal transfer mechanism supports ribbons wound coated side out.

Communications Specifications

  • One EIA RS-232/DB-25 serial connector. 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K and 38.4K baud supported.
  • One IEEE 1284 Compliant Parallel interface port
  • One internal connector for use with an external media cutter and present sensor
  • Optional SNMP Internal Ethernet Adaptor supporting 10/100 mbps transfer rate with 10-Base-T connector
  • Optional Internal USB interface

Internal Font Sets

  • Nine Bit-Mapped Fonts, rotatable 0, 90 180, 270 degrees
  • CG-Triumvirate™ Scalable Font
  • CG Triumvirate™ Condensed Bold Scalable Font

Bar Code Symbologies & Specifications

  • Bar Code Modulus: 5 mil to 110 mil “X” dimension in picket fence or ladder orientations
  • All printed barcodes meet the requirements of ANSI Document X3A1-3, Guideline for Barcode Print Quality, Grade A
  • Supported Barcode Symbologies include Code 39 (used to produce industry standards such as AIAG, HIBC, LOGMARS), Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128 (Subsets A,B,C), Codabar, LOGMARS, UPC-A, UPCE, UPC2&5 digit addendums, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN 2&5 digit addendums, UPC random weight, Code 93, Plessey, Universal Shipping Container Symbology, Code 128 MOD 43, Postnet, USS/EAN-128 random weight, Telepen, UPS MaxiCode (Mode 2 & 3), QR Code, PDF417, Datamatrix, EAN 128 support (with function character support, ITF support)

I-Class Limited Warranty:

  • I-Class carries a 1-year or one million inch (whichever comes first) warranty on the printhead and rollers.
  • All other parts are covered for 3-years or three million inches

Accessories for Datamax I-Class label and heat shrink tubing printer

Part Number Description
KPR250-BK 2.5" x 1162 feet Black Chemical Resistant Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon for Datamax printers. Exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance
KPR250-WT 2.5" x 1162 feet Bright White Chemical Resistant Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon for Datamax printers. Exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance
KPR250-WT-A 2.5" x 1162 feet White Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon for Datamax printers.
KPR250 Colors 2.5 x 1162 feet Thermal Transfer Premium Resin Ribbon for Datamax printers - Bright colors: Tomato Red, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Shamrock Green


KPR250 2.5" x 1162 feet Gold or Silver Chemical Resistant Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon for Datamax printers.


2559000 Thermal printhead cleaning kit (25)
Seagull Bartender Software
Cables (not included w/ printer)

Heat Shrink Tubing for Datamax Printers
2:1 Polyolefin Heat Shrink 3:1 Polyolefin Heat Shrink

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