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PET Braided Wrap Sleeving with Velcro Closure



Features of braided PET wrap Sleeving:

PET Wrap is a slit braided product manufactured from the same material as our PET braided sleeving. The difference is that this product is slit along the edge, and has Velcro hook on one edge and loop on the other, allowing the product to be closed. Thsi is a great product for one who needs the abrasion resistance and protection of braided sleeving, but doesn't have the luxury of one open end (or if the connector is just too large for the non-slit sleeving to fit over it).

Made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), our PET wrap braided sleeving is suitable for use in automotive and marine applications with a continuous use temperature of 125°C. It doesn't trap moisture, and the material itself is highly resistance to mold and rot generation.

The self-wrapping feature of all of our wrap-around products allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. PET Wrap may be applied or removed without any manipulation of connectors or fittings and offers an innovative solution in areas where breakouts are necessary. Since it is also expandable, its wrappable construction allows stocking of a limited range of sizes to cover a wide range of diameters. PET Wrap has many applications in the marine, railway, electronics, furniture accessory, and general manufacturing industries.

  • Excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
  • Continuous use temperature of -70°C to 125°C (-103°F to 257°F)
  • Self wrapping design for use on already in place wiring systems..
  • Melt temperature of 230°C (446°F)
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Halogen Free, ROHS compliant
  • Self Extinguising - please click here to see the definition of LOI, and how it relates to the burning of materials
  • Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents
  • Available in Black. Other Colors available


Pricing for braided PET Wrap Sleeving

Although it's not completely necessary, we highly recommend using a hot knife to get a clean cut end on this sleeving.

2 week lead time for all sizes

Nominal Size
Bulk Spool Ordering - Black
Bench Mount Hot Knife Cutter



Hot Knife - great way to get a true non-fray end on your braided sleeving.




Replacement Blade - $17.50


Bench Mount Hot Knife Cutter for Non-fray expandable sleeving