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Linear Stretch Film


Stretch films are typically used to wrap and secure items on a pallet, and are also referred to as pallet wraps, hand wraps, or stretch wrap. They are ideal for packaging loose items or stacks of boxes on a pallet, and perfect for movers and shippers.

Linear Films is a multi-state manufacturer of world class polyethylene based stretch films for the packaging industry. Started in Tulsa, OK in 1980, Linear Films quickly became synonymous with quality and innovation in the stretch film market. Linear Films has continually strived to lead the industry forward with premium films designed to reduce customer costs while improving load containment.

Quality at Linear Films is achieved through teamwork. Quality is everyone's responsibility. Quality is manufactured into the product at the engineering stage and continues all the way down the line until it ships out the door. Our commitment to quality also extends into the field with our customer support team. Over 35 technically trained sales and customer service representatives are available to answer your questions and solve your stretch film problems.

Today, Linear Films has over 200 million pounds of manufacturing capacity in three strategically located manufacturing facilities in the United States. The Linear Stretch Films commitment to improve and expand continues as the new millennium begins. Linear Films quality products, unparalleled processes and exceptional people yesterday, today and tomorrow the leaders in the industry.

ADW - Advantage Hand Wrap is the original reduced gauge high performance handwrap, ADW by Atlantis Plastics allows film downgauging while improving load security. Don't be fooled by standard handwraps in metric sizes, ADW gives you real performance at lower unit costs.

Key Characteristics:

  • Smooth, easy, quiet release allows faster wrapping with little effort
  • Thinner/Stronger Films - because of its linear structure, we are able to supply thinner films that are just as strong as competitive thicker films
  • Less Neckdown allows an 11" roll to replace competitive 12" and 14" hand wrap rolls
  • Excellent Optics / High Clarity for barcode reading or load identification.
  • Ultimate Performance, and savings of 50% to 60% over other brand name films.
  • User Friendly - Narrower width and higher strength film provides lighter rolls for ease of handling, application and safety.

Cross reference:

  • 14 Micron replaces competitive 60 & 70 gauge handwrap
  • 16.5 Micron replaces competitive 75 & 80 gauge handwrap
  • 19 Micron replaces competitive 90 & above gauge handwrap
  • 11" replaces traditional 12" and 14" handwrap
  • 13.3" replaces traditional 15" and 18" handwrap
  • 16" replaces traditional 18" handwrap



Ordering Information

11" Linear stretch film by the pallet. Four (4) rolls per case. 60 cases per pallet (240 rolls total).

Free shipping to New York City, New Jersey, and Western Long Island. For all other areas, you can either e-mail us for a freight quote, or place your order, and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss freight charges.


$1647 per pallet. That's only $6.86 per roll!!!



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