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Eclipse Tools Fish Tape (900-147, 900-148, 900-149)

  • Made from flexible spring steel with a black finish
  • Durable impact resistant plastic casing with side handle
  • threads through pipe easily and won't snag coming back out

Fish tape is a very useful tool, which is used to pull wires through walls, sections of conduit and similar environments. This particular fish tape is made from flexible spring steel, and covered with a black finish. This fish tape is produced on an easy to use reel, which is durable and impact resistant, and can useful for storage and protection when not in use. The side handle allows the fish tape to be pulled out of the reel to the desired length. The reel also gives the fish tape a slight curve that is helpful when “fishing” it through walls or desired environments. To use the fish tape, unspool the fish tape and feed it through the area you are working on until it appears on the other side. Once the fish tape appears in the desired area, wires can be attached to the hook at the end of the tape. Pull the fish tape back to where you started, carefully bringing the wires through. It can easily be threaded through pipes and won’t snag coming back out. Buyheatshrink.com offers different lengths of fish tape that customers can purchase. In stock, we offer 50 feet, 100 feet and 200 feet reels of fish tape. Different lengths of fish tape were help complete different types of jobs.

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fish tape for pulling wires through tight spaces